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Like the finest jewelry, Perrin & Rowe faucets and fixtures have an exacting sense of proportion, grace and elegance. It shows in the richness of hand-polished finishes, the touch of a handle, the nuances that may not be readily apparent to the eye but together create flawless artistry. We believe the best way to create the best is to bring together the foremost in innovation with the height of British craftsmanship. By engineering with precision, adapting time-tested techniques, and focusing on the finest detail, we make faucets and fixtures that define perfection. Crafted in England, Perrin & Rowe is never mass-produced. Instead, we take a small batch, bespoke approach that includes hand-molding and hand polishing and ends with white-glove inspection under a magnifying glass. This stringent criteria for excellence is coupled with designs depicting the essence of sophistication. Our unique aesthetic juxtaposes the present and the past, bringing together the best of yesterday and today for contemporary reinterpretations and novel styles that fit any decor. Made in Britain, made to last, with quality and integrity.

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