Virta Alegro Freestanding Stone 64" Bathtub

$3,963.70 (MSRP: $6098)


Virta Alegro Freestanding Stone 64" Bathtub: BT-FS-ALEGRO

Alegro Freestanding Solid Surface Stone 64” Tub

The Alegro Solid Surface Stone 64” Tub is an elegant and incredibly comfortable bathtub with smooth contoured edges. The Alegro slipper bathtub is welcoming with its warm and silky smooth surface and is designed as the ideal focus of any bathroom design. Perfect for lounging with plenty of space for relaxation or a full body soak. The Alegro bathtub’s ergonomic design makes it comfortable, durable and easy to clean. Enjoy a fresh and invigorating bath experience with the Alegro solid surface stone tub.

Virta’s Luxury Line of Solid Surface Stone Tubs

The bathtub is the centerpiece to any bathroom, so make it luxurious with a Virta stone tub. Our solid surface stone tubs are made of the highest quality crystalline quartz and resin. The Virta stone tubs are elegant and sleek making them perfect for minimalist modern design, with a versatile touch that resonates with any traditional or contemporary bathroom. The high quality stone materials are incredibly durable and thermally efficient keeping the water warm for long soaks and a relaxing bath experience. Bring the spa home and make a Virta solid surface stone tub the focal point of your luxury bathroom.