Bar and Prep Sinks

Shop our wide selection of bar and prep sinks. You will find top quality brands such as Blanco, Franke and Rohl here on our website, as well as in our modern showrooms across Toronto and Southern Ontario. 

Bar Sink and Prep Sink Information

A bar sink, often smaller than a standard kitchen sink, is specifically designed for bar areas. It's ideal for rinsing glassware, preparing small food items, and handling bar-related tasks. The compact size of a bar sink makes it perfect for fitting into tight spaces commonly found in bar areas.

Prep sinks, on the other hand, are dedicated spaces for food preparation. They are usually larger than bar sinks, providing ample room for washing fruits and vegetables, preparing meats, or handling large pots and pans. Prep sinks are often found in larger kitchens, where they serve as a secondary sink, supplementing the main kitchen sink. Their size and design vary, ranging from single large basins to double basins, depending on the kitchen's needs.

Both types of sinks are crafted from various materials like stainless steel, copper, or granite, each offering durability and ease of cleaning. The choice between a bar sink and a prep sink depends on the specific needs of a kitchen, with bar sinks being more suited for drink preparation and smaller tasks, and prep sinks being ideal for extensive food preparation activities.

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